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Title: Connection problems instructions
Post by: Damage on July 31, 2015, 06:49:08 PM
Have connection problems ? Errors ? This guide must help you !

Critical error on login / Stuck on login fix:
http://www1.zippyshare.com/v/uL4N8Pau/file.html (http://www1.zippyshare.com/v/uL4N8Pau/file.html)
1. Unzip it to Lineage 2 game folder. (NOT in system folder)
2. system name must be "system" and NOT renamed like "Damage..."
3. Run l2fix.cmd files (as Administator)
4. Confirm when get promted about registry changes.
5. Start lineage2 and login in game.

Windows 10 can have problems with connection.
If you have issues with Windows 10 !
Download and insert this file to system catalog:
http://www5.zippyshare.com/v/V9OsBgPJ/file.html (http://www5.zippyshare.com/v/V9OsBgPJ/file.html)
If still have problem try to install/update framework.
Try to run lineage as administrators.
Still have problems ? Be sure that you closed all open programs, turned off antivirus. Becouse we have much protections, for that you can get errors or disconnects.
Or try search info from us forum page by other players.
Title: Re: Connection problems instructions
Post by: Damage on October 26, 2015, 12:48:14 AM
If you have L2Font textures error on l2 start. To fix it please download this file and put this file into the systextures folder.
http://www39.zippyshare.com/v/PCSq2NKc/file.html (http://www39.zippyshare.com/v/PCSq2NKc/file.html)