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General Discussion / Re: tiger aka sherlock holmes
« Last post by Quelind on Today at 11:53:32 AM »
How can  you not know him, he is oly observer nr 1, every wipe nobody observes and comments on olympiad games as well as him.
General Discussion / Re: Pathetic Players.
« Last post by carmella on Today at 10:27:06 AM »
This server is dead:) gm is so useless he dont know what doing hahaha...all good players leave cuz he is idiot
General Discussion / Attac DMG
« Last post by Swaggg on Today at 06:27:57 AM »
Hi all.

How i can make it, dmg show on display   <------------

General Discussion / Pathetic Players.
« Last post by Rytha on July 19, 2018, 11:46:04 PM »
I decided to remove myself from the Top PK players list because I felt ofended and ashamed for being in such list. Full of no lifers who kill their own bots just to have a color or to be in the top list. I made 1.1k legal PKs, having fun killing some randoms with a fair game (I played A grade +0 with only AM+20).

You guys are pathetic. You are a fucking shame players, you failed so much.

Also this "GM" who is realy useless, I mean, find a real job and stop paying your mamma bills with L2Damage's donator kids. You are pathetic too.

Nothing else to say.
General Discussion / Re: tiger aka sherlock holmes
« Last post by Rytha on July 19, 2018, 11:20:53 PM »
Who the f_ck is tiger lmao.
General Discussion / Re: Patch
« Last post by Rytha on July 19, 2018, 11:20:06 PM »
Its a Virus, dont download this crap. Delete this topic you useless "GM".

Edit: GTFO Quelind.
General Discussion / Re: Patch
« Last post by Quelind on July 18, 2018, 11:29:44 PM »
Holy shit must download, do u want my credit card number too?
still better than tiger
General Discussion / Patch
« Last post by shaitan77 on July 18, 2018, 08:44:37 PM »
At the moment the best patch.
WITHOUT built-in bots and other cheat pieces.
Only the optimization of the client!

Wallhack on the mouse wheel (Middle mouse).
Deactivate all effects with the Alt + Q key (nipples, hacks, etc.).
Display FPS and frame delays with the Alt + End key.
Use the Alt + Home or Home key to turn off the fog.
Added a new optimized animation of the Hits of the Bicha (type Body of Avatar).
Added the radius of passing over dabaf.
The radius of passage of masses of bans of a nekra is added.
Added a new animation of the skill Spell Force + highlighting the one who is charging.
Added a new animation of the Battle Force skill.
Animation caste hilok (and Nubla) now without fading.
Antirelog. Fix the problem when the game began to lag and after restarting the game lags disappeared.
Optimized animation skills Aura Flash.
The animation of the skill The Honor of Pa'agrio is optimized.
Animations buffs over and restoring skills (regen hp, tsp) are displayed only on the Over.
Removed the effect (animation) when under malaria.
Disable the display of overbuffs (animation that appeared on the one to whom the dabf was getting).
The animation of all malaria is disabled.
Now the animation of the Sonic Rage skill at the glade is visible at an attack speed of over 830.
Mass animations are optimized.
Added a rollback of skills in% on the skill itself.
Added icons pshki over the buffs. (for example, the overight mask showed its icon, and now the red hat icon will show the icon from the boot).
All malaria is transferred to a buff (resulting in a time duration).
Added display of malaria levels.
Infinite zoom.
Removed from the chat ("You used").
Nubles is moved to a dub and displayed as an aura (inclusion icon).
Changed the chat and its colors, as well as removed errors in the texts.
Added maps of which were not (catacombs, necropolis, moss, crock, etc.)
Added new colors when sharpening weapons (so you can see how many weapons are stolen)
Added standard colors when sharpening weapons.
Added a file that removes glow weapon (gives an increase in FPS).
Added the ability to turn off the animation of the magic nipple (gives an increase in FPS).
The ability to use the standard animation of Hydro Blast in mm is added.
Added files l2.ini with the possibility to use the frameless mode and use more memory for the game.

googledrive link
General Discussion / Re: tiger aka sherlock holmes
« Last post by salvation on July 18, 2018, 07:36:31 PM »
i just wanna see this pro players TIger etc... dogs who say IM THe best in this server and etc... WHo play only olympiad in PVP Server ! huxauxhahu OMFG!.... picking only OP clasess for olympiad..because all know server is unbalanced... so i just wanna see THis Dogs how will play with.. hm for example lets see... .SAGi....Ghost sentinel...Necro.....SPs.....sph...... lets see how will be pro players in olympiad with this clases for example.... Fucking noone dogs  players olympiad 24/7 in pvp server UXHUAXUH doing nothing else... huauhxa stfu gtfo and ofc noone will care for you .... fucking dog
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