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Server started successfully 28/10/2015 without any problems as it was expected. If you are looking for a relaxing server to invest your time, you found your home. Our server is stable and have arround 2000 active players everyday. Why join our server? In our server you can find easy farm, comfortable olympiad, massive pvp, clans vs clans battles, castle sieges every 7 days, event and much more... Dont waste your time in other servers and join us with your friends !

We can guarantee:
Protected, safe and long term gameplay.
Good balance between classes.
Quick fixes and updates.
Uptime 99% and no laggs.
Support for big problems 24/7.
Online every day up to 2000+.
Satisfaction and much fun.

Dont forget to download new server patch v4.0 version !

Have problems with connection ? Follow this steps.

Last week purchauses before new season announce date will be returned.
For every of you we reccomend to register your account using web register system. You will get strong Loginid with prefix and chance to recovery password every time you need. If you will use automatics registration we reccomend to NOT use previous servers used passwords for more safety !

Vote reward - In server working vote reward online systems. You can vote for server and automacilly be rewarded in game. Dont be unmoved and vote for us daily !
                                                                        Written by: Damage 18/10/2016, 20:07