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Created with love and alive since 2012. Best place to play !

Open the patch folder to boot the system, and the textures lineage2 directory.
Go to the folder and run the Lineage2/system L2.Exe game and you will start automatically.

Interlude Client - Mirror 1

Interlude Client - Mirror 2 (Torrent)

Damage 9000x - Mirror 1

Damage 9000x - Mirror 2

Damage 9000x - Mirror 3

Interlude 9000x - Mirror 4

Attention ! If you have connection problems. Be sure that you closed all open programs, turned off antivirus. Becouse we have much protections, for that you can get errors or disconnects.


Processor 2.8 Ghz 3.5 Ghz
Memory RAM 2 GB 4+ GB
Operation system Windows 7 SP1 Windows 10
Graphics card 256 MB 2+ Gb
Conection 1 Mbps(ADSL) 5 Mbps(ADSL/DSL)

Windows Xp or lower OS versions is not supported.

*Submitted by Lineage 2 client call to update DirectX.
DirectX (Microsoft)

If you have an antivirus and cant connect steps:
Put L2 to trusted applications.
Add system folder in the exceptions.
Disable or Remove current Antivirus.
Disable firewall and reinstall lineageII

login? Try it again, and if again failed, contact us, we will definitely help you!